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Engaging, educative, and interactive SportsMeet July session

by Rudra Nayan Das

The second SportsMeet turned out to be an engaging, educative, and interactive affair. In the Christ College venue, many athletes, students, sports-related professionals came and the network and the reach of SportsMeet grew even stronger.

Chitra Gangadharan

Asian All-Star footballer Chitra Gangadharan, stressing the importance of focused sports group

Chitra Gangadharan, former Indian Women’s football team Goalkeeper, who has been a captain and has represented in the Asian All Star team in 1977-78 gave an account of how Sports is an important factor women’s development.

She mentioned that apart from the general benefits of fitness, sports help Women gain a sort of confidence, equality, and outer world exposure which is much lacking in large sections of our society.  Her talk touched upon various factors from social outlook to government biases.

Chitra’s good humored talk contained many real life anecdotes from her playing and coaching experiences which made it more engaging. Also, she emphasized that not only Government but corporates need to support women athletes if we want see women sports taken up seriously and respectfully.

Earlier, the event started with a demonstration by Abhishek Srinivas of Krossover, a New York based company who specialize in developing tools for sports analytics with emphasis on extracting statistics from match videos.

Abhishek Srinivas explained the various advantages of their initiative and how they are now getting into the Indian sports market – currently they have more than 200 employees.

 Two time IRONMAN Dipankar Paul shared his experience of world’s one of the honored Triathlon events ( Dipankar’s inspirational achievements awed the audience when he described his exploits of an event which requires 3.4km of swimming, followed by 180 km Biking and ends with 42 km of running. The achievements look even impressive as Dipankar is not a professional athlete and started cycling and swimming few years before, with a proper training only 15 days before the event.

Dipankar emphasized on many myths about athletics prevailing within Indians and how the know-how of such events is lacking among us. Hard to believe, but Dipankar’s adventures have not been covered by media, and in our SportsMeet, he has been talking about his feat for the first time outside his friend’s circle!

Sudhir Menon, the Editor-in-chief, of the new sports magazine, Scoreline, introduced the magazine to the audience, explaining his motivation of starting a sports magazine in India. Influenced by the sports coverage culture of Italy, where magazines and newspapers dedicated only to sports are staple for everyday life, he would one day like to see the same in India too and Scoreline is just a beginning.

Vijay Kant Tiwari

Vijay Kant sharing his experience of touring Pakistan and the lack of support for cricketers like him in the country

The talks finished with a candid and poignant account of the struggle faced by physically challenged sportsmen in India. Vijay Kant Tiwari, a member of Indian cricket team for physically challenged, which toured in Pakistan talked about his experience of touring Pakistan and the lack of support for cricketers like him in the country.

Vijay’s Pakistan tour had been an amazing experience where he had been thoroughly impressed by the warm welcome of the host nation. His experiences back home, however, are far from impressive. Even after his triumphant Pakistan tour, the team had been neglected by large sections of Indian media and the team remains unknown to masses. Vijay ended his talk by saying that at the moment physically challenged cricketers need support rather than sympathy.

After the talks, the participants interacted during the networking sessions which went long, giving a platform for meeting of minds and new proposals and opportunities.


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